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Become an Instructor

Interested in joining The Oakville Art Society as an Instructor?

The Oakville Art Society looks for qualified art instructors. We offer classes in painting, drawing, mixed media, pottery, photography and jewellery in the Oakville area. We look for quality fine art instructors, accomplished in their field and dedicated to sharing their skills, knowledge and expertise.

In June the Program Coordinator begins the process of sorting applications and planning the workshop program for the following year. If you are interested in teaching a workshop at the OAS then please submit the application before May 1st.

If you are a professional artist with teaching experience and/or an art teacher please contact us.

Please send in:

All instructors are hired as independent consultants on an as needed basis, are required to sign an instructors’ agreement with the OAS and need to submit a criminal background check.

  1. Current Resume
  2. Current CV
  3. Examples of Artwork in JPEG format or link to site
  4. Art area(s) of strength:
    Watercolour - Acrylic - Oil - Drawing- Pastels- Ceramics - Photography - Digital Arts - Jewellery- Other
  5. Preferance of class or workshop - classes are 8 weekslong -  workshops are 1 to 5 days
  6. Rate of Pay
  7. Availability

Oakville Art Society Guidelines & Expectations for Instructors

Guidelines and Requirements:

  1. Compensation for instructors contracted with the OAS in fall, winter and spring is based on an hourly rate. The rate is based on experience and the ability to attract students to your course. Summer courses when offered; instructors are paid 50% of the course fees collected.
  2. Courses are posted on the OAS website and are advertised in our brochure. Although some publicity is provided by the OAS through email, website, social media and print ads, instructors are encouraged to publicize their classes and recruit additional students independently to ensure their classes success.
  3. In order to assure the quality of instruction at the OAS, we reserve the right to observe classes.

The Oakville Art Society:

  1. Provides a studio which can be used for day, afternoon and evening classes/workshop.
  2. Promotes classes as outlined under “Promotion of Classes”.
  3. Collects and processes the fees paid by students.
  4. Provides liability insurance for class/workshop time as scheduled.
  5. Will notify students of Classes cancelled due to insufficient enrolment.
  6. OAS sets the maximum number of students based on accommodation.

The instructor:

  1. Agrees to teach the class/workshop at the Oakville Art Society on the dates and times agreed upon.
  2. Provides a copy-ready materials list if required.
  3. Determines if a separate materials/equipment use fee is to be charged. If an additional fee is charged, instructors must provide a list of materials & equipment that students will receive for the fee. There is no reimbursement by OAS to instructors who choose to provide extras which are not originally included on itemized list.
  4. Is responsible for providing all copies of handouts that may required for the class.
  5. To notify registered students and the OAS about changes in a class schedule due to unexpected circumstances like weather or illness preventing the instructor from attending.
  6. Is required to leave studio(s) clean after class. All supplies, tools and equipment must be returned to the storage areas and tables and chairs arranged neatly. Instructor will be given a cleanup and closing procedure checklist for the studio they are using prior to the first class.
  7. Review building policies (for example, turning off lights and locking doors to secure building.
  8. Sign out a building key prior to start of class if class is scheduled outside of business hours.
  9. Shows discretion and professionalism at all times in all matters pertaining to the OAS.

Promotion of Classes

The combined efforts of both the instructor and the OAS provide the most effective means to successfully promote and fill a class. To promote classes the Oakville Art Society will do the following:

  1. Distribute printed copies of Class brochures.
  2. Include class listing and teachers bios on the OAS website.
  3. Promote class via email, social media, and print ads.
  4. Upon request, we would be happy to provide printed copies of the class brochure to the Instructors for promoting the class.

To help promote classes Instructors are asked the following:

  1. Include his or her biography (3‐4 sentences) and résumé describing a background, experience, and interests, which qualify instructor to teach this course. These may be used for website bios and news releases.
  2. Provide photos of work to enhance the effectiveness of the website listing (in jpeg format).
  3. Instructor participation in promotion of classes is strongly encouraged.

Cancellation of Classes:

  1. Classes may be cancelled at the discretion of the OAS due to low enrollment.
  2. The instructor to notify registered students and the OAS about changes in a class schedule or cancellation due to unexpected circumstances like weather or illness preventing the instructor from attending as soon as possible

In the case of a change to/or cancellation of class:

  1. The OAS will provide instructors with a list of all registered students, phone numbers and emails which instructors will use to notify their students.
  2. After informing students of change or cancellation, instructor will follow up with the Program Coordinator to confirm that all students were contacted.

Payment to Instructor:

  1. The Oakville Art Society will issue a cheque for properly invoiced hours, as per the hourly rate agreement.
  2. Cheques will be issued within 7 days of receipt of invoice.

Other Requirements:

  1. Instructor agrees that he/she is not an employee of the Oakville Art Society, nor he/she entitled to any employee benefits.
  2. No deductions, withholding of any taxes, any other employee benefits will be made by the OAS on behalf of contractor.
  3. Oakville Art Society shall be held harmless for any injury, loss, damages, or expense of any nature sustained by Contractor in the conduct of any class, workshop, or in the execution of any duties or obligations pertaining to this agreement.
  4. NO turpentine/linseed oil based solvents - NO open flames. The OAS prohibits use of all turpentine/linseed oil based solvents and open flames including candles, welding torches, etc., without express permission of the Program Coordinator. Use of open flames without this permission will result in immediate cancellation of any and/or all additional classes offered by instructor.

How Can I Get My First Teaching Job?

If you do not have teaching experience, you may want to begin in a volunteer capacity, as a volunteer or intern at OAS. Assisting an experienced instructor is a great way to gain experience, determine your interests, and gain an understanding of art education. It can be listed on your resume. Volunteerism and internships are great ways to try it out and see if you really want to work as a Teaching Artist.